The most outstanding and glamorous tablescape item you can add to your home is a Table Topper.  These are the current favorite items of the interior decorators and designers.  All the Table Toppers are square, reversible, and trimmed with either 4.5 or 6 bullion fringe all the way around the edge of the Topper.  We make them in three different sizes, large is approximately 60 square including the 6 inch bullion fringe, medium is approximately 35 square including the 4.5 bullion fringe, and the small is called a Teeny Topper and it is approximately 30 square including the 4.5 bullion fringe.  The Teeny Topper is a favorite customer item and can be used on coffee tables, kitchen tables or islands, bedside tables, and any size decorative table, just scrunch it a little under your favorite accent piece or lamp.


The Table Toppers will adapt to any size or shape table, and add that dramatic effect that takes your breath away.  On oblong, oval, or rectangular tables turn the Topper diagonally through the length of the table in the shape of a diamond and then leave it flat on the table surface or scrunch for that designer touch.  Finish off with an exquisite centerpiece and you have a decorating masterpiece.

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